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Welcome to Pineville Community Athletic Association!

Pineville Community Athletic Association (PCAA) is a provider of quality, innovative, and enjoyable recreational experiences.  We compete locally and regionally in all age divisions to give our kids the valuable experience they deserve in athletic competition.

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Pineville Resident Discounts
PCAA announces discounted registration for Pineville residents.  Through...
Rookie Challenge Program (Fall 2014)
PCAA Families: PCAA would like to offer a 7U and 8U Challenge...
Pineville Resident Discounts
by posted 07/26/2014

PCAA announces discounted registration for Pineville residents.  Through a partnership between PCAA and the town of Pineville, residents of Pineville are eligible for registration discounts of 25% in addition to a waiver of the annual family fee of $35.  This means that a family living within the municipal boundaries of Pineville will pay only $86 for a season of T-Ball.  See the table below for all registration prices.  Please check the map to view the boundaries and determine your eligibility.

If that's STILL not low enough for you, we do grant financial assistance every season to those who need it.  Please contact Kari Campbell ( or Jennifer Honaker ( ) to apply for financial assistance.

Division Ages Pitching/Hitting Field Cost Pineville Resident
T-Ball 4-6 Coach throws 5 pitches,
then player can hit from tee
50' bases $115 $86
Rookie (Coach Pitch) 7-9 5 coach pitches or three strikes.
No steals.
60' bases $165 $123
Minors 9-10 Player pitch from 46' mound.
No balks or lead-offs.
60' bases, 46' mound $175 $131
Majors/70 11-12 Player pitch from 50' mound.
Balks after 1 warning, steal at any time.
70' bases, 50' mound $175 $131
Babe Ruth 14U 12-14 Player pitch from 60' mound.
Major league baseball rules.
90' bases, 60' mound $200 $150
Girls Softball 8U 6-8

Coach pitch, 8U softball rules

Practices only to prepare for spring season

60' bases $0 $0

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Rookie Challenge Program (Fall 2014)
by posted 07/17/2014

PCAA Families:

PCAA would like to offer a 7U and 8U Challenge Program beginning in the Fall of 2014 for members who wish to have the opportunity to play additional baseball at a competitive tournament level.

Overview of the Program

The 7U and 8U teams will be formed for purposes of entering into local machine or coach pitch tournaments during the Fall season.  The majority of opportunities are machine pitch tournaments, which are hosted by local recreation associations in the Charlotte area and allow for participation from other local recreation associations.  The majority of the tournaments during the Fall season are Sunday only tournaments that will require the challenge team to play two games on Sunday.


7U team – Must be 7 years of age of younger on 4/30/15 (Birthday on or after 5/1/07)

8U team – Must be 8 years of age of younger on 4/30/15 (Birthday on or after 5/1/06)

Time Commitment 

In addition to the PCAA recreation schedule that requires one practice per week and a game on Saturday, Challenge Program participants will need to be available for either games or practices on Sundays.  The challenge tournaments begin the weekend of August 30th and end the weekend of November 1st.  The expectation would be that the challenge team enters 3-4 tournaments.


Participation in the Challenge Program will involve an incremental cost.  The cost includes tournament registration fees and uniform costs which will be the responsibility of the participants.  While the cost will depend on the number of tournaments entered, participants should expect the cost to participate in the Fall Challenge Program to approximate $125.

Selection Process

Evaluations conducted for the Coach Pitch division on August 16th will be the basis for the 7U and 8U team selection.  As Challenge baseball is a competitive play environment, participation may not be suitable for every member of our recreation association.  The challenge coaches will base team selection on skill level based on the August 16th Fall season evaluation and judgment about the ability to compete against similarly selected teams from other local recreation programs.  

As we are trying to determine the level of interest and ensure that we have enough participation to form both a 7U and 8U challenge team, please reply to this email and let Jason Kerr, Coach Pitch Commissioner, know if you wish to participate.  Jason Kerr can be reached via email at or phone at (704) 516-8158 if you have any question about the Challenge Program.


Jason Kerr - PCAA Coach Pitch Commissioner

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